1. When will I receive my order?
  2. How do I determine what length to order?
  3. Where are your belts made?
  4. Are your buckles removable?
  5. How are the belths shipped?
  6. How thick are the belts?
  7. What’s the difference between BULL hide and COW hide?
  8. Are the belts actually as wide as the stated weight?
  9. I’m a big guy, what if I lose a lot of weight?
  10. Should I ger the internal stifferener?
  11. If your website secure?
  1. When do you bill my card?
  2. You offer a “powder ” black buckle. What’s the deal?
  3. How should I care for my new belt?
  4. Do you have a warranty or a return policy?
  5. Why do you use two layers of leather instead of one thick layer?
  6. Can I get a different buckle?
  7. What is “Velcro® brand strip” option?
  8. What is a “tapered” belt?
  9. Can I change my order?
  10. I ddn’t lock-tite my buckle screw and they came out. How can I get some more?

1.When will I receive my order?

All orders (except QUICK SHIP belt-only orders) will ship approximately 30 days from the time we receive it. (This is subject to change at any time.) All of our belts (except for QUICK SHIP belts) are NOT in stock. Each one is made-to-order in the order that they are received. QUICK SHIP belt-only orders will ship the next business day. If your order contains both QUICK SHIP belts and other belts, your order will ship approximately as stated above.

2. How do I determine what length to order?

Measure a belt you have now from the FAR end of the buckle to the hole you use most often (to the nearest inch). This is the number I need (to the nearest inch). This measurement may be larger than you think your waist is — this is normal. Also, do not measure a belt that stretches. We need to know your actual circumference.

A word about sizing: You are about to buy a dual layer gun belt made from a selection of several different leathers; bull hide, horse hide, or elephant, or a combination of two of them. Our belts are designed to be stiff and firm to support your side arms and other gear. They will do all of that very well, however, they will not defy gravity! If you hang a two pound pistol on ANY belt and don't buckle it up snugly enough, it's going to sag. (It's a leather belt, not a steel I-beam!) This should be remembered as you are choosing which hole in your current belt to measure to, especially if you are going to be carrying IWB. Put the gear on! Adjust it to the proper snugness for security and comfort. Look at which hole you are using and measure to THAT hole. The belt we make for you will be that length from the tip of the buckle to the center bole.

Many of our customers use the same belt for IWB carry and every day wear, whether they are carrying a holstered pistol or not. If this is what you have in mind, and you carry IWB often enough, and if the measurement is significantly different (2 inches or more), you can order a belt IN BETWEEN the two measurements. If you carry IWB every day, measure that way. If you don't carry IWB at all, measure normally as described above.

When I infrequently carry a 5 inch 1911 Colt IWB, I just let my every day belt out one 1-inch hole and rock on! I know people who, when carrying IWB, tighten their belt to a SHORTER hole than they usually wear it . . . (different strokes, eh?).

I know this is getting wordy and tedious, but you are going to have this belt a very long time. If there is any further confusion on this point, call me any time (1-919-387-1997) and we'll sort it out.

3. Where are your belts made?

All of our belts are proudly manufactured in ou shop in Apex, North Carolina, USA.

4. Are your buckles removable?

Yes, the buckles are attached with “Chicago Screws”. That’s the good news. The bad news is that screws sometimes tend to come loose! You should check the screws from time to make sure they are tight, or secure them with LOKE-TITLE or clear nail polish on the threads. We CANNOT do that here for obvious reason.

5. How are the belts shipped?

We use TWO-to THREE-DAY PRIORITY U. s. Mail.

6. How thick are the belts?

Each layer of bull hide is almost 1/8” thick os the finished TWO layer belt will be ALMOST ¼” thick.

7. What’s the difference between BULL hide adn COW hide?

Bull hide, as the terms implies, is the male of the species, whereas cow is the female. The bulls grow up with testosterone in their blood which causes the hide to be firmer, denser and there-fore stiffer. It just makes a better belt.

8. Are the belts actually as wide as the stated?

Dam near! The width of the belt is actually determined by tge width of the hole in the buckle that the strap goes through. The belt strap is less that 1/16th of an inch narrower so it will fit through the buckle.

9. I’ am big guy, what if I lose a lot of weight?

Don't go punching a lot of new holes in the belt! Send the belt back to us and we'll shorten it from the buckle end. The charge for this service is $15 IN CASH per belt and includes the short-ening and return shipping. Any dual-layer bull hide belt can be shortened TWO inches, FOUR inches, or anything six inches or more. They cannot be shortened three inches or five inches. (This applies only to the standard dual-layer bull hide and horse hide belts. The "no-buckle" belts, taper belts, and exotic hide belts cannot be shortened.

10. Should I get the inernal stiffener?

If you carry a heavy firearm or have a high-ride top-heavy holster you might want to consider it for the inch-and a quarter wide belts. The stiffener is not usually necessary for the wider belts unless you like it really stiff. The stiffener provides a greater degree of vertical stability but still allows the belt to take on a natural curve that any leather belt will do after it has been worn for a while. A belt shorter than 36 inches DOES NOT need an internal stiffener. Horse hide belts DO NOT need an internal stiffener.

11. Is your website secure?

Yes, all internet oderers are processed by First American Payment System in Fort Worth, texas, They, as well as our shopping cart, are totally encrypted and quite secure.

12. When do you bill my card?

All internet orders are processed automatically and usually the same day as the order. If you are hesitant to give out your credit card information on the web, or don’t want our card run until we are ready to cut leather, the call your order on on the telephone.

13. You offer a “powder coated” black buckle?

Powder Coating is a process where positively charged particles of the coating are "puffed" onto the negatively charged object (buckle), and then baked in an oven at 450 degrees F for several hours. This stuff is about TWENTY times tougher than paint. It is used on outdoor furniture, engine parts, motorcycle chassis, power tool casings, and lots of other things that have to endure the danger of chipping, hard use, or high temperatures. It’s really tough stuff.

14. how should I care for my new belt?

Do NOT wad it up in a tight ball when not in use. This unnecessarily stretches the outer layer of the belt and compresses the inner layer. If you do this often, the belt will soon lose its natural stiffness.

When putting your belt on, do NOT crank it over as if you were securing a load of cargo on a truck! Dragging the belt through its own buckle will damage the edges on your belt. We can't control how you get dressed, so if you want your belt to last a long time, don't bend a dual layer belt any more than 90 degrees when you are putting it on.

Do NOT use leather softeners such as Neats Foot Oil or Mink Oil on these belts unless you want them limp as a noodle! Our leather is of sufficient quality to last for many years. This stuff is fine for your baseball glove or your hiking boots, but not for gun belts or holsters.

If your belt gets hard use or starts to look tired, a coat of KIWI NEUTRAL shoe polish, available at any grocery store or shoe shop will restore the surface appearance.

As stated in the CONSTRUCTION Paragraph, the outer layers of these belts are submersion dyed so the color penetration is quite deep. If you manage to scar it down to the natural beige leather, then the appropriate color of shoe polish will help a lot. If you buff it with sufficient elbow grease so the polish no longer comes off on an old t-shirt or shop rag, then it won't come off on your furniture or car seats either.

15. Do you have a warranty or a return policy?

All beltman products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship fo a period of ONE YEAR of purchase. This DOES NOT cover abuse on your part.

16. Why do you use two layers of leather

A. No matter what kind of leather it is, a single layer belt will stretch! Leather is composed of collagen fibers (just like your own skin) that have a grain-like quality. It's not quite like the grain in wood, but it is similar. When you put two layers of leather together, with the grains • opposing one another you get a "plywood" effect that virtually eliminates stretching.

B. Using two layers allows us to leave the inner layer undyed, or "natural". This prevents leather dye from "bleeding" on your clothes if you get wet or perspire heavily. If you lead an active life or are outdoors a lot, don't tell me this hasn't happened to you.

17. what is the “Velcro® brand strip” option?

The Beltman now offers a loop Velcro® brand liner on the inside of the entire usable length of the belt. This is for use with IWB holsters that utilize a V-clip mounting system, It cannot be added to finished belt. It is sewed to the inside layer during its construction. It does not add much “dimension” to the belt and it prevents the holster from shifting on the belt.